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Get to Know the Benefits of Guar Gum and the Risks of Side Effects

Guar gum is a foodstuff containing fiber derived from guar plants. Although it is thought to have some health benefits for the body, you also need to know the side effects behind the use of this herbal product. Guar gum contains a lot of fiber, but it is low in calories. Apart from being used as a food thickening agent, lotion and cream, guar gum is also often processed into medicine to overcome a variety of disorders and digestive problems and as a laxative supplement. Health Benefits of Guar Gum A study revealed that the fiber content in guar gum can maintain the health of the digestive system. This herbal product is suspected to overcome constipation, change the texture of the stool to be more liquid, and increase the frequency of bowel movements. Given the fiber content in it, guar gum is believed to help overcome irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). One study even revealed that drinking 5-10 grams of guar gum for three months showed significant results in improvement of IBS symp
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Things You Need to Know About IUGR

IUGR (Intra-Uterine Growth Restriction) is a condition when fetal growth in the womb is stunted. IUGR is characterized by the size and low birth weight of the baby. This condition can make the baby weaker and vulnerable to some health problems. The fetus in the womb will experience growth and development as the age of the mother's womb increases. Most babies have a low size and weight when they are born too fast (premature birth). However, sometimes babies can also have a low size and weight even though they are born full term. This condition is called the IUGR. Causes of Fetus Having IUGR Many factors can trigger stunted fetal growth in the womb. However, this condition generally occurs due to interference with the placenta. A placenta that is not functioning properly will inhibit the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus, causing the fetus to fail to develop. In addition to problems with the placenta, there are many other conditions that can cause a baby to experienc

Learn How to Quickly Reduce Cholesterol Here

Having high cholesterol also means a high risk of heart disease. Cholesterol cannot be considered trivial. If left unchecked, will cause various adverse effects on your health. Apply fast ways to reduce cholesterol below, so that your body's health is maintained. Cholesterol is a fat that is solid and is found in every cell of the body. Some of its functions, which help the body to produce hormones, vitamin D, and helps in the production of bile in the liver. Here's the Fast Way to Reduce Cholesterol Cholesterol can be found in food. However, you can only find it in animal products, such as meat and milk. Cholesterol is not found in vegetable products, such as vegetables and fruit. Cholesterol has an important role in the body. However, if high cholesterol levels in the blood, can invite various diseases. Therefore, before causing illness, you need a quick way to reduce cholesterol, including: Limit fat intake Fat is indeed needed by the body. However, foods that are